This study seeks to deal with the common maladies of our society today. The idea is to think through someone�s position before offering a solution. It will enable the Christian to communicate with nonbelievers without offending them with an �I�m right, let me tell you why you�re wrong� attitude, whether meant or inferred by the Christian.

At the basis of this class are contemporary issues that seek to undermine the Christian witness. Discussion will be a large part of the class. We will discuss the ideas� roots, results, examples, defenses, strong points, weak points, and how true or genuine each is in real life. At the end, we will discuss how to better communicate what we�ve learned.

The questions in these sessions are not meant to be one-time answers, but to be discussion starters. They are written to provoke deep thought and conversation, not to provide a forced perspective or answer that is even black and white. Have fun thinking though and discussing these paramount precepts of our culture!

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