Solid Snippet Article #019

Special Moments With God

Pastoral Ordination
June 2010

No greater joy can be experienced than seeing your hopes and dreams become a reality. This past month, I had the great honor and privilege to be ordained with the Assemblies of God in the Pennsylvania-Delaware District. For those of you who follow my blogging and notes on Facebook and all of that, you know that this was the final step in my journey toward the full-time pastorate. My joy exceeds its bounds for this gift of God in my life!

In the Assemblies of God, there are three levels toward ordination. The first is a special or Christian service credential, the second a license to preach, and the final an ordination credential. In May of 2005, I became a licensed minister while I was still finishing up my undergraduate degrees at Central Bible College. At the close of 2008, I had completed the Masters of Divinity from AGTS and was looking for a church to become a full-time pastor. That dream came true in a very short time because Godís hand was in the whole transition. My transitions in life have never been long or without direction, for which I praise God.

I became the senior pastor of New Life Assembly in March 2009. I have loved every minute of the fulfilling and trying and victorious times as pastor and continue to greatly enjoy that assignment from the Lord. Ordination is not manís approval, but rather other ministers coming alongside of me and realizing with me the call God has placed on my life. This ordination held very special implications, for I am a fourth generation Pentecostal, and for three generations so far my family has been a part of the Assemblies of God.

In February of 2002, my grandpa, who was in pastoral ministry for over 40 years with the Assemblies of God, passed away, not getting to see any of this in our family. He was my role model! I loved to go to church and hear him preach and help him open up and close the church on Sundays. He would always give me tapes of his preaching and I enjoyed listening to them. I had known and told everyone from about the age of seven that I wanted to be a pastor. God called me when I was just a kid.

As a teenager, I had the great privilege of growing up under the pastorate of Marvin Nemitz, a great friend and mentor who has watched me grow up from that annoying teenager to a preacher and pastor. He has been a great help to me and continues to bless me. At the time of my licensing, I could not attend the special service because of college. It was 1,000 miles away from where I was finishing up finals. When Pastor Marvin heard about this during an internship with him, he made sure that this special ceremony was done and not missed. He bought me a Bible and did the ceremony for me at his church in Florida.

Needless to say, there have been some very special men of God in my life who have helped me to stay the course and see my vision and dream of fulfilling Godís call upon my life. May 5 of this year was a momentous moment, a special time with God as He continued to confirm in me the call I know He has given me to preach the Gospel and teach others to know Christ personally. That night will be etched into my mind and heart forever.

After leaving Parsonville, my family began going to State College Assembly. This wonderful church gave me scholarships to attend college and Pastor Paul is a very dear friend and great help as well. He knew that I was working toward this goal for a long time and has always spurred me on and I have greatly enjoyed his wise counsel and kind advice. He too is part of this story.

The night had arrived and what most would not know from viewing pictures or even video of the ordination service is the moment of all of these strands coming together. Pastor Marvin could not be there for the service, but I took the same Bible that he had given me in the first ceremony and used it in this one as well. Pastor Paul was the person to pray over me as an elder and receive the fruit that he had diligently worked in me as well. Most of all that night, the shirt and tie that I wore belonged to my Grandpap. All of us has gathered in spirit to witness this event, the defining moment of years of study and growth.

I am not done growing, but I know that I can count on these dear friends in ministry. I know that they are merely a phone call away at all times. That night was very special because it amplified what I wish every day of my life would be, a drink offering, poured out before the Lord, as the apostle Paul would say. May this life be given for the sake of Godís kingdom and for whatever whim and will for which He will bend me. Let that night be a moment in time that signifies the rest of the moments that I have. May God lead all of us to a place of calling in which we, like sharpened arrows finely tuned, hit the bulls eye of Godís mission in each of our lives.