Solid Snippets Article #001

So What Does solidrock831 Mean?

January-February 2008

Why in the world do I have to type in these seemingly random words and numbers to check out Jon Srock's site? Good question. Most people have been asking me about this when I tell them about the site or when they come take a look. But what is the meaning behind all of this? Or is there a meaning at all? Did I roll some dice or just pick something that sounded wicked cool?

Nope. Those of you who know me well enough know that I don't leave anything to chance or just make stuff up. There's always a method to my madness! And so here as well. Solid Rock is my foundational belief that one of the quickest and most effective ways to grow as a disciple of Christ is to go deep into His Word. Scripture, and then Christ, the Word made flesh and spoken to us (John 1:1-18), God's living example of the Word, are the number one tools we can use to know God.

Upon this solid rock, I have built the sermons, devos, Bible studies, and everything else on this website. Many people believe that the church does not have a solid foundation and even fails at discipling people. I don't want that to ever be said of the ministry God has entrusted to me. So the solidrock part is based on my firm belief that studying Scripture enhances our knowledge and relationship with God.

The 831 part is from my favorite and foundational life verse. Romans 8:31 speaks of how God works on our behalf, how he is always on our side, for us against all odds and possibilities. We sometimes think that God does not care or that He has evil plans for us, but this passage, along with others, reminds us that not only does God have good things planned for us, but He is for us!

He is our Guide and our Father, the One who intercedes on our behalf. So that is the brainworm I leave with you every time you have to type in the domain to this website to see what cool and interesting things are happening. That is what it means when you see solidrock831.