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About Reverend Jonathan D. Srock, M.Div.

Born in Central Pennsylvania, I grew up in the Assemblies of God. I became a minister in the Assemblies of God in 2005. I was born with cataracts and have been legally blind my whole life. God has always provided whatever Iíve needed. Not only has He provided for my needs, but He has empowered me to fulfill His call upon my life by preparing me for full-time ministry and service to His people.

At five years old, I became a Christian and was water baptized and baptized in the Spirit. I received a call to minister to God's people as a full-time pastor at the age of seven. Since that time, I have worked toward accomplishing all of the academic and personal goals of a pastor.

Four years at Central Bible College earned two Bachelors of Arts degrees, one in Pastoral Ministries and the other in Biblical Languages. In December 2008, I completed the work needed to receive a Master of Divinity from Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. Immediately after my education, I became the lead pastor of New Life Assembly in Shillington PA on March 1, 2009. I love offering my leadership and servanthood to Godís people.

I have worked as an associate pastor and preached in many different churches. I enjoy preaching very much, but my favorite part of ministry is to help people in whatever way I can, whether it be through teaching the Word of God or through ministering the gift of time.

In September 2013 I received the largest challenge of my life so far. Within a matter of half an hour I became a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the neck down. This Job experience has created the trial of a lifetime. I fully trust in Godís complete healing for my body. I have found that even in these places God opens doors for ministry. I currently preach once a week at the center in which I dwell and have more time to devote to writing. It will not be long before Godís healing will place me back in full-time pastoral ministry.

I also enjoy sports, computers, and several other activities. I have been called a bibliophile (a lover of books), a suitable term for an academically minded pastor. My life goal is to impart the image of Christ in as many people as I can possibly reach and to proclaim Christ! To that end, my life motto has become "All for Christ, Christ for All." I know the three musketeers declared a similar motto, but I devote all I am and have to Christ, seeking, following, and obeying Him. I believe the message of Christ is for every human being and to that end I proclaim Christ.